Monday, May 22, 2017

My Buttercream Flower Learning Journey

I had not been very active on my blog as I was too devoted to buttercream flowers lately. Within the last two months, there was a lot of changes on me.  First, I gave up my advance certificate program with ACI as physically  I could not withstand the long hour standing required by my internship.  Some of my classmates said I gave it up too easily as the program only last 3 months.  Personally,  I think I make a right choice.   Why I said so?

The most important thing is health reason.  Secondly, the internship doesn't meet my learning objective.  I don't like where I assigned to, not only the environment, the work scope and the people.  For people who wants to build a career in the bakery industry, probably they have no choice to go through.  For me,  baking is my passion, I've no intention to work for a bakery company.   I might become a home baker one day and be my own boss.   I want to specialise in the customised cake but what I was assigned to in this internship is a bread shop.  

What did I gain after dropping out of Advance certificate program?
I had taken a number of courses on Korean buttercream flowers and made a lot of effort to perfect them.  I think I have made a great advancement to my baking journey within these two months as compared to if I continued with my Advance certificate program and internship.  I will doubt I could achieve so much. 

Here are some of the works I created these two months.  Hope you like it.   If you are interested in my work, please like my FB page and Instagram,  you will get an update of my baking and cake design moments over there.

Enjoy baking!


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