Thursday, December 29, 2016

Tips and Tricks from School - Pancakes, Crepes and Waffles

I love the waffles at Hatter Street, a cafe specializes in desserts influenced by Asian culinary traditions.   Their waffles are extremely crispy and yet remain moist inside, top with a scoop of vanilla/ pandan icecream with some salted caramel/ Gula Melaka sauce, it tastes so heavenly good!  

Dining in such cafe is quite costly these days, a waffle with a scoop of ice cream normally cost $10 or more.   That's why when I came to know Waffles, Crepes and Pancakes making was part of the curriculum,  I was so excited.  4 recipes were taught, i.e. Crepes Suzette, Buttermilk Pancake, Mandarin Pancakes with Roast Duck and Waffles. I wish I could make these professionally after the lessons. 

What are pancakes, crepes and waffles?  

They are the oldest forms of bread, the making process is very simple and straight forward.  

The primary ingredients for the batter are flour, egg and milk.  Leavening agents and other mix-ins can be added in.

Plain flour is most commonly used, it gives structure and flavor.   

Egg tenderize and milk gives moisture and richness.  

Butter in waffle provides richness and crispiness.
Here are some of the pointers I takeaway from our lessons:
  • Always preheat the pans
  • Mix dry ingredients and liquid ingredients separately and then mix them together.
  • Use the liquids at room temperature
  • Don't overmix the batter, this is to prevent gluten overdevelop. Else the texture will become rubbery.
  • Use the batter as soon as possible after mix especially when it is added with baking powder.
  • Cook on medium heat
  • Store the pancake/crepes/waffles tightly wrapped, chill if for 2-3 days, freeze it if for longer period.

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