Sunday, December 4, 2016

Pullman Loaf

After a week of bread lessons and practice, I'm more confident with bread making.  The first bread I baked at home was the Pullman loaf.  To bake this, I had to buy a loaf tin.   My first attempt wasn't very successful, I followed the recipe and method learned from school, somehow, it didn't turned out good,i.e. it was dense and not tall.  I discussed with my classmate, she had the same experience as me.  We concluded that the dough might be overproofed given the warm kitchen we were in.  Unlike school, it's airconditioning.   The 2 hours of bulk ferment and 1 hour final proof could be too long for home proofing without aircon.  We decided to give another shot and this time round,  we reduced the bulk ferment to 1 hr 30 mins and final proof to 45-50 mins.  With these adjustments, the loaf finally came out so beautiful, it's clean and neat. The texture was soft as well.  I really like it.


Ingredients: 320g bread flour, 16g milk powder, 8g sugar, 4g salt, 3g yeast, 16g butter, 188g ice cold water (for one 11cmx11cmx19cm loaf pan).

For instruction, please refer to this link under Pullman loaf section.

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