Friday, December 2, 2016

Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake

I love Friday as I have long weekends.  The best part of attending the baking course in ACI is no class on Friday, hence, we always have long weekends.  How nice!

I enjoy the life I'm on now but without an income, that means I need to be cautious when comes to spending.  Though I spend less, many a times, I still can't stop myself from buying things that not necessary required.  Guess, it takes time for me to change my spending habits.  

Glad that my daughter just finished her exam this week and relaxed at home, I took the opportunity to spend a lovely afternoon with her enjoying a delicious lunch.  I wanted to bake something for her to share with her Aikido friends.  Taking into consideration of our warm weather, I could only bake the simple cake given that her Aikido practice is in a non-aircon place.  At last, I decided to bake the Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake.  This is not really a cheesecake, it's a chocolate butter cake with a thin layer of cheese.  I believe this cake can withstand the warm temperature.

I tried to apply the technique that I learned from ACI for this cake but somehow, it didn't turn out that successful.  I think I might have overwork the batter plus the oven seemed too hot today, the cake turned out slightly dry and crack on top.  

Though it's not a total failure, it's quite discouraging as it's not perfect.  I will try to improve it in next bake.

Lesson learned:  If using 8"x3.5" loaf tin, I should bake at 160*C and have to watch closely after 30-35 mins bake to prevent crack on top.  

Recipe here!

Cheese Mixture
-    300g cream cheese       
-    50g castor sugar          
-    1 egg 
-    1 tsp lemon juice

Butter Batter
-    250g butter, softened
-    160g sugar
-    4 eggs
-    4 tbsp cocoa powder            }
-    160g self-raising flour           }sifted
-    ¾  tsp baking powder           } together
-    ½  tsp baking soda               }
-    2.5 tbsp milk
** If you don't have self-raising flour,  each 100g of plain flour, please add 1tsp baking powder.  

-    Preheat oven at  170-175*C for 15 mins.  Baking Time:  50-55  mins 
-    Prepare one 8” squre baking plan or two 8” x 3.5 loaf plan, lined with baking paper. 
-    Sift coca powder, flour,  baking power and baking soda together.  Mix till even.

1. Beat cream cheese on low speed to soften, add sugar a little at a time on medium speed and beat till no trace of lump.  Lower the speed slightly and beat till cheese mixture becomes super soft (abt 3mins). Don’t overbeat else it becomes ranny. 
2.  Add egg a little at a time to cheese mixture on low speed and mix till they are ust barely mixed in. Divide into 2 portions. Set aside. 
3. In another mixing blow, start with beat butter on low speed (to break up the butter cubes).  Increase to medium and bat till slightly pale before adding the sugar a little at a time.  Continue mixing at medium speed till doubled in mass and lighten to a yellowish white colour (light & fluffy (about 5 mins). 
4. Add in eggs, a little at a time  and mix on low speed till well incorporated. If it starts to look curdle, add a bit of flour will help.
5. Fold in the flour mixture (coca powder, flour, baking powder and baking soda) with a spatula, alternate with milk into egg mixture (from step 3) gently till finish. 
6.  Divide the batter into two portion.  
7.  For each pan, pour half portion of butter batter (from step 4) into and spread evenly.  Top with cheese mixture (from step 2) and level it.  Pipe in remaining butter batter over the cheese mixture and spread evenly. Repeat the same for another pan.
8.  Bake in preheat oven at 160C for 55-60 mins or until skewer comes out clean.

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