Monday, December 19, 2016

Bread Bread Bread!

Though currently I am not working, I still feel time not enough.  Monday to Thursday is filled with school lessons, my long weekends (Fri - Sun) are always packed with many things to do. Weekend is the time to spend time with family especially my two beloved daughters, my mum, my sibling and my parent-in-laws.   On top of that, I had been so busy with baking in the kitchen lately.  That explains!

Making bread becomes my weekly affair.  I baked quite a few breads lately, some were a total disaster, some were acceptable.

For example the Baguette, I think I might have overworked it, the texture turned out super dense.

For the Maple Walnut Cinnamon Rolls, I added too little filling (cinnamon and sugar) and maple syrup, the roll turned out super pain and tasteless,  it was a total failure!

Last Saturday, I  baked another batch of Artisan breads, the result was pretty good but somehow, I still couldn't achieve giant holes.  The crust was still too light, not to the dark brown yet.  I think I may need to turn on the fan mode in next bake to try out the result. I don't like to turn on fan because my oven tends to be very hot when the fan is on.
For this batch of artisan breads, I use the same method as my previous bake but cut down the amount.  This is because my baking pan is too small to accommodate the amount of the dough from previous recipe.   I needed to cut down 20% of the ingredient amount.  Below is the ingredients amount I used for this bake.
  • 485g bread flour 
  • 240g iced cold water
  • 10g salt (i cut down to 6-7g)
  • 1.5g yeast
  • 16 hours perferment using 80g flour, 80g water with a pinch of yeast

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