Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tips and Tricks from School - Sauces

I didn't pay too much attention on sauces previously as most of the time, when I ordered a dessert from a cafe or restaurant, I focused more on the main item rather than the sauces on the plate.    After attending the sauces lesson, I reckon sauces play such an important role in a dish.  Beside adding moistness and richness to the dessert, it complement the flavor as well.  It's interesting to see how the sauces can transform an ordinary dish to an attractive presentation.    Plating with sauces is another art!   Below art piece is crafted by our chef.

We leaned how to prepare 3 sauces, i.e. Vanilla sauce, Chocolate sauce and fruit coulis in this lesson.  With my not very creative brain, I used these 3 sauces and crafted this not very attractive art piece...lol
Here are the takeaway.
  •  Tempering egg is important in the sauce making as it's to prevent the eg yolk from setting while cooking the sauce.  
  • The temperature cannot be too hot ( >88*C) and also not to add too much hot liquid to egg to avoid scrambling/ coagulating egg. 
  • Once the sauce is thicken, use ice-water bath to cool down the temperature immediately to prevent curling.
  • Always keep out of the danger temperature zone (5-60*C).  Once it cools down, store in the chiller.
  • Dip a spoon in the thickened sauce and turn it over. Run a finger down the back of the spoon, if the mixture does not run into the path your finger made, the sauce is considered as done.

Vanilla Sauce
Ingredients: 400g whipping cream, 80g sugar, half vanilla pod and 2 eggs 

  1. Add cream and sugar in a heavy duty pot, stir well. 
  2. Scrape the vanilla bean from pod,  add to cream mixture (step 1) and stir well on low heat till steaming.  Remove from heat.
  3. Break up eggs in a bowl, pour half portion of the cream mixture to temper the eggs.
  4. Pour the egg mixture to remaining cream mixture and then stir on medium low heat till thicken (not too thick).  Remove from heat.
  5. Strain the sauce into bowl and cool down in ice-water bath.   
  6. Keep in chiller.

Chocolate Sauce
Ingredients: 120g water, 130g sugar,  45g cocoa powder (sifted) and 70g whipping cream

  1. Boil water and sugar in a heavy duty pot on medium heat, stir till no trace of sugar (become syrup) and remove from heat
  2. Add cocoa powder in, whisk well and cook under low heat. Whisk till combined and remove. 
  3. Add cream in and whisk till combined, bring to boil under low heat till the sauce is shinny and glossy (just a short while)
  4. Strain the sauce into a bowl and cool down in ice-water bath,
  5. Keep in chiller.

Fruit Coulis
Ingredients: 200g berries, 100g sugar, 40g water and 15g lemon juice (20g alcohol optional)

  1. Put all ingredients (berries, sugar, water and lemon juice if any) in a sauce pot, cook on low heat, stir and increase to medium-low till fruit becomes soft (the sugar draws out the liquid from fruit)
  2. Reduce heat to low and cook till sauce is thicken.
  3. Strain the sauce into a bowl, add alcohol is desired and cool down in ice-water bath,
  4. Keep in chiller.

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