Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tips and Tricks from School - Onion Bialys (lean dough)

I'm not a fan of onion breads, hence, I didn't keep any piece at home after brought back from school.  I gave all to my neighbor.  Hope they like it.

This Onion Bialys is using lean dough, hence, it's a crusty bread.  The method of the lean dough is similar to baguette recipe except this doesn't use preferment, it's straight dough. 
To make this dough, please follow the steps below. 
Ingredients:  600g bread flour, 480g water, 11g salt (can cut down), 3g yeast

  1. Cut 4 unions into ring form and saute with some butter till soften.  Set aside to cool down.
  2. Prepare the bread dough by combining flour, salt and yeast in the mixing bowl and mix it till combined on low speed.
  3. Add in ice cold water gradually on low speed, mix till desired dough (become a ball) is achieved. Increase to medium speed till windowpane is achieved.  
  4. Remove the dough from mixing bowl, round to ball and then cover it with plastic wrap in a bowl.  
  5. Leave it to bulk ferment for 2 hour but after 1 hour, remove the dough from the bowl,  slightly punch to degas the excess carbon dioxide from the dough (degas cannot be too hard), fold 2 slides to the center and then another 2 more slides. Round and ferment for another hour.  
  6. Dust table top with flour, use a metal scraper and portion each dough at 80g or  desired weight. Always cover the doughs with a baker's couche to prevent hard skin).  
  7. Take a dough, press to a rectangular shap,  fold two opposite corners together, repeat the same for another corners and round the dough. Seam side up and cover it with couche.  Continue this till completing all the doughs and allow all to rest for 15 mins (Bench rest).  
  8. Take out the dough to final shape.  Press a bit and round it to a ball, press the center to leave  a dent and add the onions on top.  (make up stage).   
  9. Leave it to proof for another 1 hour before baking (final proofing).
  10. Bake at 200*C for about 20 mins.
  11. Once bake, leave it to cool before slicing.


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