Thursday, November 3, 2016


Many years back, when I worked in an Operations organization in my previous company, the work was always overwhelming and many a times, I would rather pick up a sandwich or muffin from Spinelli Coffee (they have two outlets in the company buildings) to settle as my lunch.  I always liked to add a piece of Mexican Wedding cookie to go with as I liked the crumbly, buttery and nutty texture that just melted in my mouth .  It went so well to go with a cup of coffee.
I missed this cookie and had the craving for it.  I found a recipe from one of my cookies collection and decided to go forward.  However, it didn't turn out to my expectation - it didn't have the melt in the mouth effect.  Probably, I had overbaked it.   I hadn't been using my oven for a while, I forgot that my oven tends to be at the hot side if the fan is on. Lesson learned.   I must always remember this.
After a batch of ball shaped cookies,  I decided to do piped cookies so that I could practice my piping skill. Hmm ...I still need more practices.
I realized this recipe is available in many websites,  if you are interested, you could refer to Simply Recipes.  
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