Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Since currently I am not working ,  I decided to take up some courses.  Firstly, it could kill my time, secondly, who know, I might branch into other career.
First came to my mind was baking related courses since it used to be my pastime.  I decided to sign up a formal training program to allow me to be formally certified instead of attending courses organized by community centers.  I checked around and finally, I had settled down with Asian Culinary Institute.  For more information about ACI, pls refer to

  In fact, my selection criteria was due to the location, it’s very convenience to me plus they offer WSQ (WDA) funded courses.  In addition, I could make use of the $500 SkillsFuture credit to offset.  With the subsidy and SkillFuture credit, the course was free but the uniform, toolset and admin fee ($50) costed me more than $400.  For those who are interested in enrolling into this, please be aware of this initial investment.  If you are not intended to continue with higher certificate, I think it’s too expensive to spend $400+ for uniform/toolset plus this course only focuses 30% practical, rest are theory.  I signed up since I decided to go further.
We were lucky to have Chef Halis to be our coach chef, he was very professional, creative and patience.  It had been an interesting learning journey as my classmates were very friendly and helpful. We had a lot of fun in the class.
Each module has some assessments, hence,  we had at least one test each week. Most of them are multiple choice, as long as you concentrate in the class, you should not have problem passing them.
For the 30% of hands-on,  it only focuses on basic technique only, hence, if you are looking to learn some difficult baked products, you will be disappointed.   For me, I think I benefited a lot from the theory as I used to only know how to follow the recipe without knowing the rational behind.  Now, I can appreciate better of each ingredient’s function and how to avoid the wrong handling.

Time flies, 4 weeks of the training programs had came to the end. As  I will continue the higher certificate program, I will seeing our Chef and some of my classmates (who also continue with higher certificate program).  For the rest of my classmates, it’s sad that I will miss them.
Good luck and all the best to my classmates… Hope our friendship continues.


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