Friday, February 8, 2013

2013 Chinese New Year Cookies Wrap Up

I've been very behind of my blog post lately, two words to describe me, i.e. busy and lazy.  With the Chinese New Year eve arriving tomorrow, it's time for me to buck up and usher in the festival with my homemade cookies.  


I didn't make an attempt to explore any new recipe this year as I had limited free time plus I was feared with the failure.  My work was killing lately as the project I am on had just launched and under a lot of  teething problem.  I had to restrict myself from exploring new recipes, hence, adopted a conservative approach.   I guess new year is about appreciating the tradition and the tradition cookie is always best to go with.   

Without further ado, let me give you a snap shot of the cookies that I have baked for the 2013 Chinese New Year.  

I kicked off  my Chinese New Year baking craze with the Cornflake Butter cookies, I believe most kids will love this as it's crunchy and buttery.

Follow on was the Almond Cookies.  This is all time favorite and it's fuss free, easy to bake. I could make two recipe within 2 hours without helpers.  This is suitable for vegetations since it doesn't contain butter.
Since I tasted this peanut cookies last year, I started to like it.  However, this turnout didn't meet my expectation.   I suspect this could be due to different brand of peanut butter was used.  I should always remember to stick with Skippy. 
Pineapple Tarts is the most time consuming new year cookies to bake.  Normally, I had to cater a full day for this.  Fortunately, this year, both my daughters were at home and gave me a great helping hands. We managed to clear 2 recipes within 3-4 hours, it yield 150-160 pieces .

Cashewnut cookie is one of my favourite, unfortunately, these days, I become very cautious of calories intake.  Despite how tasty it is, I would rather control. 

I skipped baking Suji Cookies last year but I decided to bring it back as my daughter missed it.  Somehow, I think this recipe is not what I am looking for although  it tastes good.  My memory of Suji cookies supposed to be very milky and melt in the mouth.  Although this recipe does meet this criteria, it's not up to the mark.  I will search for another recipe next year.

There are some slight changes to my old recipes.   I'll try to create new post later.  Stay tuned.


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