Friday, November 23, 2012

Green Tea Japanese Cheesecake (with Red Bean)

This week is a slow week as my boss and my US colleagues are celebrating Thanksgiving holiday.  Thanksgiving is a big festival in US, most of them celebrate Thanksgiving as a time to get together with family or friends. Although it's a two-days public holiday in US, Thursday and Friday, quite no. of my colleagues have started on leave since Monday.

Although in Singapore, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, the word of reflection for this day should be gratitude. We should always be thankful, grateful and appreciated for whom who have rendered us help or assistance  in some way or another in our life.  

The two most important people in my life I have to thank:  one is my mum, the other is my hubby.  Although I didn't grow up in a wealthy family, I had a very simple childhood, my mum couldn't afford any luxury goods for us. To me, that's enough as what my mum instilled us was value, not material.  

Why has to thank my hubby?  Frankly speaking, I married to him in early my 20's, I think I wasn't  very mature and didn't know what I really want at that time.  With him, he gave me a lot of freedom and support to pursue things I desired.  In the early part of my career, I spent my entire life focusing on work, he didn't complain.   Even with bringing up my children, my hubby played a much more active role than me.  And when I wanted to pursue my hobby, he was always there supporting me.  What can I ask for more?  

Along my career life, there was a couple of bosses who gave me a lot of support and guidance which I need to thank them.  Without them, I might not have established where I am today.  Although I am not in senior position, I think success is not measured by the rank of your position, it's about whether you're happy and satisfied with where you are.  

While my US colleagues are celebrating the Thanksgiving,  I must be thankful for this festival as my night is free without conference calls! I could give myself a break and do a bit more baking. Woohoo!

This is not a new recipe, you can refer here.  I only added extra Red Bean to the batter. 
Happy Thanksgiving !


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