Sunday, September 16, 2012

Oreo Cheese Cupcakes

Most of the people look forward to weekend as it's the time to rest and get recharged.  Me too, weekend is precious as that's the time I could spend more quality time with my family and myself.   

Although my weekend activity is very routine, either visiting my mum, dine out with family, exercise, etc, I enjoy every relaxing moment as I could slow down, don't need to follow a schedule or force myself to stay up even though I am dead tired. 

Originally, I planned to do more baking and some other stuffs during this weekend, somehow, without setting a goal, there is no driving force, as a result,  I became very slack and this was what I managed to get out - this Oreo Cheese Cupcake.

I baked  this cupcake  for Teacher's Day two weeks ago, since I wasn't very satisfied with its cosmetic, for this batch, I decided to bake with a slightly low temperate.  In addition, I used the Oreo coarse pieces instead. Although this bake had cleaner surface and nicer colour, the taste and texture had dropped.  I think it's underbake.  Sigh! I was very disappointed of this turnout.  Another lesson learned!

Don't be shunned by my result and lesson, this recipe in fact is a keeper and I would recommend you to try if you're the big fan of Oreo.


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