Monday, July 30, 2012

Having a Break!

I realized that without baking and blogging, I spend more time on exercise, more usage on facebook and more outing/ travel with family.  I've lesser finger  joint problem and spend much lesser in Supermart.   I think this is a better lifestyle, cutting down baking and blogging isn't it  a wiser decision? 

However, I still have a lot of cake ingredients at home, therefore, I will still bake but will reduce the frequency significantly, I believe.

Before leaving this post, I just want to share with you some random photos taken during my trip to Guangzhou, LiJiang and Guilin in the period of end May to early June.  I am too lazy and tired to write, therefore, I will let the photos to do all the talking.

It's about eat and eat in Guangzhou...

Amazing scenery in Lijiang ...

 Beautiful Guilin ...

Good night!


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