Sunday, April 15, 2012

Oreo Cheese Layer Cake

Oh no... What a disaster! It's very disappointing ... Why I made such a lousy choice and a silly mistake!  First, I don't have a ring that is high enough to accommodate the volume of sponge cake and cheese mixture, I had to use a bigger pan, as a result, the cheese mixture slide out and cumulated at the side.  

It's the first time I bake such layer cheesecake, the cheese mixture had to bake for 20 mins after spreading over to the sponge cake.  Personally, the combination of oreo cheese filling and sponge cake doesn't blend well, it doesn't complement each other.  Sigh .. Now, I have a headache as I have to figure out how to dispose this cake ...

I''ll not post the recipe since it's not worth sharing ...


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