Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Meryl!

She is 16th, lovely sweet sixteen!  I'm always excited about my daughters' birthday as I could bake something to express my love to them.  That's where my baking skill can fit in. heehee ... 

We didn't plan to throw any party for her birthday, the initial plan was to go for her favorite chilly crab meal and had a small cake cutting celebration there but since her friends wanted to celebrate for her on the actual day, we decided to bring her for big lunch a day in advance so that she could allocate all her time with her friends during her big day ...

The birthday lunch was marvelous, we went to our favorite seafood restaurant, Jumbo@SARFRA Changi.  I love that place because I could overlook the golf course and the place normally not very crowded.  We ordered some dimsum together with our favorite seafood dishes.  We were a bit disappointed with the dimsum as it's not as delicious as we expected.  Nevertheless, we enjoyed the crabs and other dishes so much.  Yummy!

I separated the baking and icing into a 3 days, I baked the sponge cake a few days before, the mango cream filling were prepared and iced after returning from the birthday lunch.  As for the cake decoration, I only managed to ice it in the morning before the party began.  Although it was a 7" cake, with all the cream filling and mango, it weighed about 2kg!

Her friends started to arrive after 1pm.  Since it's less than 10 of them, we brought the kids to Pizza Hut for lunch and then they continued their game till evening.  The cake cutting ceremony only happened at 5pm, one of her friends played the piano and the rest sang the birthday song for her.  I could tell how overjoyed she was last Sunday!

I baked this mango cake per the birthday girl's request. I was glad that she made a good choice as her friends enjoyed this cake so much!  If you would like to give this a shot, here is the recipe.


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