Friday, April 13, 2012

Banana Walnut Chiffon Cake

It's Friday the thirteenth!  Hope nothing bad happens today.  I'm not superstitious but if the Sumatra earthquake happens today, many people will relate it to this day and believe it really brings the bad luck.

This morning when I waked up, I was so joyous because it's another Friday. I really look forward to every Friday as it's so near to the weekend. However, on another hand, I was fearful about how time flies, I couldn't believe each weekend was passed with a blink.  Sometimes, I wanted something to spice me up but somehow, the day just passed with all the routines  ... 

Enough for the complaint,  I think I should appreciate how fortunate we are in Singapore, no earthquake and so peaceful.  Let's get back to baking!

I was looking for a recipe to bake something for breakfast.  Certainly, I was eyeing for a simple cake.  I had long wanting to try a banana version of chiffon cake but never made it.  This time, I was determined to do it.  I asked my hubby to get a bunch of banana  for this.  As it wasn't very ripe, it didn't turn out as nice as what I expected. However, overall, it's still acceptable, soft and light. I believe if the banana is ripe, it should be very delicious.

This recipe is adopted  from Hearty Bakes.  


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