Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mango Cheese Layer Cake

My hubby's colleague is leaving the company,   I wanted to bake her something to bid farewell since we know each other for more than 20 years.  Frankly speaking, I was once working in the same company but I didn't know her well during my stay.  Without my hubby, I probably have forgetten her and most of the people there since I left them more than 20 years.  Can't image how time flies!  We were the young and pretty girls  ...

Initially, I was cracking my head as to what to bake, my hubby gave me a hint -something with mango.  I have a few mango cake recipes which are good, I decided to choose the cream cheese's as it's my favorite.  Although it was a 6" cake, I was surprised it weighed a kilogram after assembling everything altogether.  When comes to the icing part, I have to admit I have lousy skill and totally not creative.  Seriously, I need to invest time to take up some lessons to improve my skill..

Although I tested the cake before, I wasn't very confident I could maintain the same standard since this recipe was baked once only.  I was quite worried if it didn't turn out good.  Phew! I realized that my worry was unnecessary after receiving the appreciation note from her. She said her family like it very much, the cake was just perfect - not too sweet and not to rich, the combination of the cream, the sponge cake and the mango blend very well.   I am really glad that she enjoyed this cake with her family and wishing her all the best in her future endeavors!

Layer cake definitely needs more work but I would say it's worth the effort for this cake.  If you are interested in baking for someone, please follow this link - for this cake, I halved the recipe.


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