Sunday, February 19, 2012

Baking Episode

Many things had happened lately..   Mum went for a cataract surgery and then  followed by my brother who had to remove a thyroid lump from his neck.  I was therefore entrusted to house my mum for 2 -3 weeks. 

Mum is a such stubborn person, we had been asking her to treat her eye for some time, she always refused as she didn't want to go through the trouble.  At last, we managed to convince her.  However, I felt sorry for which I couldn't spend much time with her during her stay because most of the time, I was on the conference call or busy with emailing except meal time. Because mum physically is not very fit, she can't move around herself and therefore, what she could do at my place was watching T.V programs.  That's the reason she wanted to go home earlier as she felt the day was very long.

Fortunately, my brother's surgery was very successful, he only needed to stay in hospital for a night.  Since the doctor also said mum recovered her eye very well, I had no worry to bring her back.  I certainly don't want her to feel moody.

I also felt myself getting weaker lately,  therefore, I tried to avoid staying too late and tried to sleep before midnight  except those nights which I had to attend the call.   I had also cut down blogging or Facebook because I realized I had pretty serious finger joint pain, i.e. Carpal tunnel syndrome.  With these days where we are in a keyboard or touch screen technology, finger joint pain will become a very common problem to most of the people.  To prevent such syndrome occurs, we should reduce the hour spent on these gadgets.
I realized if I don't bake, some of the cake ingredients are going to expire.  Since my younger daughter missed the Pandan cake and my elder daughter missed the cream cheese layer cake, I decided to bake both for them.   Glad that finally I baked after resting for a while ....

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