Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Vacation@Taiwan Part 6 - Back in Taipei

Day 8 - Taipei -> Home Sweet Home
  • It was our last day of this Taiwan trip,  we stayed for a night in Taiepi before flying back to Singapore.  If not because of bad weather, we could have utilized our last day exploring more places rather than confining ourselves in Ximemding as our flight was in the late evening. 
  • We went Ximending a couple of times, in one of the trip, we stayed in a hotel near there. Although Ximending has a wide selection of fashionable clothing and accessories, nothing could entice me as I don't fancy shopping. I prefer to enjoy scenic places and exploring new and good foods.
  • We tried one of the dessert outlet in Ximending, it was so yummy and cheap!  In Singapore, we probably have to pay double for the same thing.  Thump-up!
  •  More street shots taken in Ximending here ...

It was a great time with my family in this Taipei trip although the weather wasn't perfect.   As I said, I like Taiwan, the place, the food and the people.  I will definitely plan for another trip soon!  See you!


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