Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vacation@Taiwan Part 5 - Hehuanshan & Puli

Beside Misty Villa which where we stayed, there were other resorts/hotesl in Cingjing that offered very  comfortable and memorable staying experience.  Below are few which we explored around.
  • Shangrila Hanging Garden Resort - A pretty vintage and old English resort, strongly recommended by our taxi driver.  This was the resort I wanted to book for this trip but room was not available.  I must try this in my next visit.   
  • Energy Vacation Village - It's a very well designed village with wood, it has a very spacious lookout area.  I personally quite like the place but our taxi driver didn't give good assessment.
  • The Old England - we made a special visit to Old England wanting to spend an afternoon there for tea but their menu didn't entice my daughter and at last, we didn't get to go in.
    Day 7 - Cingjing Farm -> Hehuanshan -> Puli
    • It was time to bid goodbye to Cingjing Farm,  we needed to return to Taipei for flight back to Singapore.  We hired the same taxi driver for another day of service as we planned to explore Hehuanshan and Puli before heading back to Taipei via High Speed Train in Taichung Train Station.  Again, we didn't have luck, the weather continued gloomy and it rained all the way we arrived  Hehuansahn.  Sigh! Sigh! Sigh!
    •  We were told Hehuanshan is higher than 3000 meter, it was very cold and chilly during the raining day, if I'm not wrong, the temperature probably was at 5*C.   Hehuanshan supposed to be very spectacular and scenic, we supposed to see the best "sea of clouds" formations here, however, given such weather condition, everywhere was foggy,  misty and wet.  Such a waste for the long journey here!
    •  This gentleman is the taxi driver, Mr. Wang who drove us around in Nantou.  We were very pleased with his service as he was very friendly and helpful. 
    • It finally stopped raining on our way back from Hehuanshan, that gave us the luxury to enjoy a clear weather and scenic view. Such beautiful and spectacular terraced of tea plantations was seen along the way!
    • We heard so much about 18*C before our trip and therefore requested the taxi driver to bring us there.  To my surprise, it's a shop outlet, heard that the factory didn't allow visitors.  Since there were many people queuing up for the chocolate, we just joined the crowd and bought two boxes of chocolates - one was original flavor, the other was green tea flavor.  The chocolate indeed was very chocolaty and smooth.  We love it so much!
    • Next destination was the Puli Brewery Factory, understand that it's one of the famous tourist spots in Puli.  Over there, we could learn about the history of the wine in Chinese culture, the local aboriginal winery culture, the wine industry and the factory development, it's like a visit to winery cultural museum!  Very informative!
     What's he doing here?!  
    • The taxi driver recommended another place to visit before leaving Puli, that' is Chung Tai Chan Monastery (中台禪寺).   The building is very tall, heard that it's one of the tallest and largest temple/ monastery in Taiwan.   The building is well embellished with carving and fresco, inside the hall, you could find many enormous statues standing or sitting there.  What a splendor!

    • The scenery outside of the monastery was very scenic that day, thank god for the good weather.
    It's time to say goodbye to Puli as it's getting late.  We needed to rush to Taichung Train Station for a train back to Taipei.  Our day in Puil had finally ended in this chapter ..


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