Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Vacation@Taiwan Part 3 - Aowanda at Nantou

Cingjing Farm had been my dream holiday destination and I was so excited as I would be there soon.  I was so looking forward to  ...

Day 5 - Sun Moon Lake -> Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area
  • We hired the same taxi driver who brought us to Sun Moon Lake to Cingjing Farm, he charged us NT3500 for a day service. On the way to Cingjing farm, he stopped us at the Paper Dome (紙教堂) and introduced this special church to us. What makes this church so special is that the building is constructed using recycled wood material. As there was an entrance fee to pay before we can get in, we decided not to and only took some photo shots outside of the building.
  • Initially, our plan was to go direct to Cingjing Farm from Sun Moon Lake and made a visit to Aowanda the next day morning but we took the taxi driver's advice, we went to Aowanda direct from Sun Moon Lake instead since it's more convenience. The scenery along the way to Aowanda was so magnificent and breathtaking. We enjoyed the view!

  • Aowanda is famous for its beautiful maple leaves. Every autumn, the maple leaves would turn red or orange, that was the reason of my visit.   It's such a disappointment that we didn't get to see many golden leaves as it was still too early for the season.  

  • There are many attractions in Aowanda, initially, we planned to cover hanging bridge, maples area and bird watching and if time permitted, we would like to see the waterfall. With the wet weather, it had limited the activities we could do in this forest. The trail to the hanging bridge was a long walk plus there were many down and uphill, by then we arrived (after more than an hour) the destination, we were all exhausted. Hanging bridge crossing was quite an unique experience, probably, this is not a common thing in Singapore. To my view, if you have a tight schedule and it's not in the right season, you could skip this place as it's not worth just to make this trip unless it's on the way to other places you're going.
  • After spending 3-4 hours in Aowanda, we had to leave the place and move on to our next spot - Cingjing Farm. On the way, the tax driver stopped us at Wushe Incident Memorial Park for some photo shots. The park features statues of Taiwanese aboriginal heroes who fought the Japanese during Japanese colonial period.

It was coming to 5pm when we left Wushe Incident Memorial Park, although the sky was getting to turn dark, we were excited of our next favorite place - Cingjing Farm!


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