Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vacation@Taiwan Part 2 - Sun Moon Lake at Nantou

After two nights in Taipei, our next destination was Sun Moon Lake and our plan was to stay there for 2 nights.   I didn't have good impression of Sun Moon Lake the last time I visited this place, it was just so ordinary, nothing special but after this trip, I have changed my view as it's indeed a beautiful place ... 

Day 3 - Taipei -> Sun Moon Lake
  • To go Sun Moon Lake, we had to take a high speed train from Taipei main station to Taichung and then connect with a shuttle service   The train ride took about an hour joinery, it's very comfortable and smooth.  As we booked the ticket online prior to our trip, it only cost NT470 per person after discount.  When we arrived Taichung train station, a taxi driver approached us, he told us that although it's cheaper to take public bus, the hotel we booked was quite a distance from the bus terminal, we would need to take a taxi before we could arrive the hotel.  After considering all the inconveniences, we decided to take the taxi driver's offer - NT1500.
  • Since it's too early for hotel check-in, after dropping our luggage at the hotel, we went for a lake cruise ride.  The taxi driver was very kind to bring us to Shuishe Village (水社碼頭) where we began our cruise ride.  He managed to help us to get the ticket at a discounted rate - NT250.  Shuishe Village is such a beautiful boat jetty, you could see from the photos we took from there!
  • Our next stop was Yan Guang Temple (玄光寺), we didn't spend too much time exploring the place as it was crowded with a lot of main land China tourists. We were told that the "Ah Mah Tea Egg" was a must try item, my hubby bought two and it's indeed very tasty.
  • The boat had finally brought us to Ita Thao Village where we would be putting up our stay for two nights.

  • Ita Thao may appear small but it's a beautiful village and quiet! If you want to run away from city, this is a place where you can live in.  The hotel (or so called resort or minsu) we stayed was very cosy, the unit that we stayed overlook the Sun Moon Lake, it's very scenic especially during the morning.   I must say staying there allowed us to unwind care-freely , it gave us a total relaxing and enjoyed the true meaning of vacation. 
  • We woke up at 6am to wait for sunrise,the temperature was so perfect in the morning, it was very cooling.  Such beautiful scene is hard to see in Singapore.

Day 4 - Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village 九族文化村@Sun Moon Lake
  • We wanted a relaxing holiday, therefore, we planned for a full day trip to Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village & Theme Park. Our resort was very near to the aboriginal culture village, it's a 5 minutes walk.  It's such a beautiful and lovely morning, strolling  along the way to the park made our day!
  • Some of our friends who went to the Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village before told us not to put high expectation, I had different view after visiting there.  I think the park offers a variety of activities, i.e. sightseeing, vacationing, cultural exchange, recreation or educational purposes, it's a comprehensive and interesting park.   The entry fee was purposed to be NT750, the resort gave us a discount and we only paid for NT600/ person.   
  •  We loved the cable car ride as we enjoyed the spectacular and wonderful view below, it was so amazing!
  • Finally, we landed at Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, we covered most of the attractions except theme park since my daughter is not into thrilling games.  
  • I guess we were very lucky that day as the weather was so great, it allowed us to enjoy our day fullest.  By then we visited most of the interesting spots, we were very exhausted.  To go back to hotel, we had to take another cable car ride.   The afternoon view  from the cable car ride gave another different beauty.
  • Since it was just 4pm and we could make it in time to see sunset, we decided to go for it. We arrived at Wenwu temple as we were told that is the best spot for sunset viewing.
  • Beside the hotel we stayed, there are other hotels/ resorts offered good lake view.  We visited the following resort and we like it so much.  If we will to come again, we will try this one.

It was such a fanatic stay in Sun Moon Lake, the weather was perfect, the places were scenic and the people were friendly. We definitely will come again!

Stayed tuned for our next interesting stop - Cingjing farm!


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