Saturday, October 8, 2011

Valcanoes Cupcakes

Why this cake calls Volcanoes?  Sound interesting?  In fact, this is just moist chocolate cupcake with creamy creamcheese in the center.  The creamy cheesecake in the center is like the lava in the volcano that erupts during the process of baking. 

This recipe is taken from a Cheesecake cookbook from Mac Woo and June Lee.  They are both very young patissiers but already own a few cafes/outlets in Singapore.  Although they graduated from Architecture discipline , their forgo their building professional career and go forward to pursue their passion in cheesecake business , they are the founders of Obolo ( now.

I admired their determination and wonder whether I will give up my career to pursue baking career one day ?? Still thinking hard about this ... 

There are many cheesecakes and cheese desserts shown in this book, all look very interesting and appealing.  Frankly speaking, I bought this book for more than 9 months and had not tried any recipe until this one. 

As I have left over creamcheese from the Devil's cheesecake, to get rid all the remaining, I modified this recipe a bit.  For the cream cheese filling, I increased the portion to 1.7 times but cut down 10% of the sugar.  For the butter chocolate cake, I only increased it to 1.3 times (also cut down 10% of the sugar).   I believe this combination will give the cupcake richer and creamier.   This recipe can yield 12 medium cups.

Verdict:  This cake is similar to the chocolate swirl cheesecake that I baked before but it's lighter and less greasy.  I personally prefer this.  Yummy!!

I wanted to share this recipe to you guys but there is copyright reserved and not to be reproduced.  If you are interested in trying this recipe, you can get this cookbook from any bookstore.  Cheer!


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