Friday, October 21, 2011

Ricotta Cheesecake

One of my colleagues loved the New York Cheesecake that I baked and had asked me to bake for her family's birthday previously.  Unfortunately, the timing wasn't right that time as I had an oversea trip to make. 

Lately, she craved for the New York Cheesecake and asked me whether I would bake again.  Since I had to go into office to meet up some of other colleagues for lunch,  I committed to bake her one the next day given that it didn't take long to prepare for this bake.

However, I realized that my version of New York Cheesecake called for Cottage Cheese which I normally don't keep any stock at home.  Since NTUC is just near my house, I decided to make a trip to get.  Too bad, it's not my day, I had no luck as the stock ran out that day. 

On the following weekend,  when I did my routine grocery shopping in NTUC, I was so excited when I saw a tub of similar Cottage Cheese, I grasped it without hesitation.  After returning home, I realized I made a big blunder,  what I bought was Ricotta Cheese.  Aiyo! What a stupid mistake!

Since the Ricotta Cheese had been bought, I had to find a recipe to use it up  sooner as its life span was short.  As usual, I browsed through the recipes online and finally tracked down one which was from Joy of  This is the first time I used Ricotta Cheese for baking, therefore, I had no idea how it would turn out.   As a matter of fact, Ricotta Cheesecake tends to be much lighter as compare to Cream Cheese's, this could be the reason most of the recipes I saw online go with fruit topping.  I was too lazy to prepare any topping so I just left it plain.  Personally, I don't like the texture, it's fluffy, less dense, less creamier, I felt like I was eating custard.  Based on what I had gathered, it's supposed to be a healthier dessert but it's not to my liking, I don't enjoy.  

Despite some disapointment, I think it's a good try and well ... most importantly, I have finally get rid of the tub of Ricotta Cheesecake !! :P

For those who like lighter cheesecake, I believe this might suit you.   For recipe, here you go ..

P.S.  I cut half of the recipe since I only had a small tub of Ricotta Cheese.   Enjoy Baking!!!


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