Sunday, October 2, 2011

Easy BBQ Chicken Pizza

Although I have returned from vacation coming for a week, it seems I am still in the catch up mode.  Time seems no enough.  The trip to "Dong Bei" China was pretty hectic as we traveled 3 provinces within 7 days.   I was quite disappointed with some of the spots but overall, I think the trip is still considered as "ok".   I will share the photos with you guys when I have time.

Now, I just want to share an easy pizza recipe.   I saw this Gardenia Wraps from FairPrice lately and it indicated that it's ideal for use as wraps, pizza base or served with dips.  Since making the pizza dough takes time, I decided to try this up.

I used the same BBQ Chicken topping recipe as I did before as it's our family favorite.   After spreading the BBQ Chicken topping and cheese over the wrap, in 8 mins time, you can enjoy a delicious pizza.  I find the wrap tastes better than normal pizza crust because it's very thin.  Since it's not expensive and so convenience to get in any suprmart, I can make pizza more often than before.   Hooray !!!

If you find BBQ Chicken more work, you can try any other topping like ham, bacon, etc.   Easy right?

How to do?

BBQ Chicken Topping Ingredient (for 3 wraps portion) 
- 40g Butter }
- 1 onion - cut into cubes or slices } Pre-cook together
- 500g chicken breast - diced }
- 4 tbsp BBQ sauce }
- 4 tbsp Italian pasta sauce
- 200g button mushroom - sliced and saute
- 1/4 green pepper - cut into cubes
- pinch of black pepper

1. In a frying plan, heat up butter and stir fry onion till fragrant before adding chicken.
2. Add in BBQ sauce to cook with chicken. Let it dry out or till sauce thicken.
3. Scoop up the BBQ chicken and set aside.
4. Scoop 1-1.5 tbsp of pasta sauce and spread over onto each wrap evenly.
5. Sprinkle with the cheese, top with BBQ chicken, mushroom and green pepper. Sprinkle some black pepper and then drizzle with a bit of BBQ sauce. Last, sprinkle remaining cheese on top.
6. Bake at 20*C (with fan) for 8 mins or till cheese turns golden.


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