Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day!!

I hardly joined any school events since I was always busy with work.   Even for the teacher meeting parent session, I and my hubby normally skip.  I remembered I attended once or twice when my daughters were in their early primary but we didn't find it very helpful and beneficial.  I guess I'm lucky that both my daughters are pretty independent and sensible, we don't need to worry too much. 

Although this time round, I contributed something to the school event,  I didn't participate in person.  I only supported my daughter to bake some cakes for teacher's day party.   I did 3 baking and they were (1) Cream Cheese Cupcake (2)Hershey's Black Magic Cake (3)Cheesecake Square.  The Cream Cheese Cupcake was intended for the teachers and the rest were for the students.

Fortunately, there were a polling day off in lieu and Hari Raya P uasa holiday this week which allowed me to source for ingredients, packaging material and baking the cakes. I'm glad that I managed to make it and deliver the commitment on time,  frankly speaking, it's not an easy task without helper.  

Although it's a lot of hard work and effort to churn out all these cakes, as long as the kids and teachers enjoy, it makes my day!  

All these cakes are not new recipe, if you would like to try out, here you go ...


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