Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another Year Has passed!!

Another year has passed, again, I'm a year older (hope will be another year wiser?!)! Can't believe ... time flies so quick fast.. No birthday cake, no present, no party ... sound boring, dull, and  uninspired, right?   I don't expect I would receive any big surprise, eg. a well prearranged romantic candlelight dinner, a big boutique of flower, etc as such thing if happens on me will like strike lottery my the other half is such practical man ...

Lately, I seemed to be addicted to Groupon voucher purchase,  I bought so many of meal vouchers.  Since all these have expiry date, I have to clear them regularly.  Since I still had the Honjin Japanese Buffer vouchers which were bought a couple months ago, I decided to use this to celebrate my birthday.  Given that this restaurant doesn't open on Sun and this voucher was only valid for dinner, to adhere to their terms & conditions, I made a reservation on Friday night which meant I would be celebrating my birthday in advance.  I didn't expect the restaurant was quite run down, what I couldn't bear was their toilet, it was so dirty, old and smelly.  The service was lousy.  As for the food, except the salman sashimi and grilled chicken, the rest were not up to my expectation.  It's very disappointing! That's enough.. no more next time !

With the disappointment of the Japanese buffer dinner, I decided to go for another meal to make up my birthday celebration today.  This time round, I went to Bakerzin at Serangoon Garden, this was another purchase from Groupon lately.  Although it's a simple lunch, I am glad that I make the right choice as my family and I enjoyed meals so much.  The desserts/cakes were also so yummy, although I know my waistline might not able to take it, I just couldn't stop eating! 

My hubby and daughters suggested to buy a cake from Bakerzin to celebrate my birthday, given I had over eaten just now, I had to decline their thoughtfulness.  Cake cutting is just a formality, I am not very particular about it.   Although there is no cake, no present and no big celebration, as long as I feel comfortable and happy with what I have now, I think I'm satisfied.  Anyway,  I'll be going for a 9-days holiday in two weeks time, I look forward to this trip and I guess that I should consider this to be my belated birthday present! 


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