Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sheryl!!

How time flies ... I can't believe that my little Sheryl has turned 20 this year!  It seems like just yesterday when she was born!   From a little tiny baby to a grown up girl, 20 years is not short journey, it's a trip of memory lane ...  Happy Birthday, Sheryl!

As I just returned from Sydney,  there was a lot of stuff to catch up at home.  Time seemed  very limited and precious!  Despite the time constraint, I still went forward to bake her birthday cake but I could only choose something simple and less time consuming, therefore, I chose a no-bake cheesecake. 

I wanted to use a recipe that I tried before but realized that I didn't have all ingredients on hand and  therefore, adopted this strawberry cheesecake recipe from Do what I like.   Somehow, luck was not with me, I ran into a bit of disaster at the stage when I was trying to pour the Jelly mixture over to the cake with the sliced strawberry arranged nicely.  Instead of the strawberry sit still, many of them floated.   It was so ugly!  I was so mad that I removed all the strawberry slices :(   Although it looked simple, with all the decor, I think it's still presentable.  Taste wise, might be because of the removal of all the strawberry slices, it doesn't taste as nice as expected.   I think my  old recipe will score better.

Birthday celebration always comes with a big meal.  It was a fabulous dinner at Jumbo Seafood restaurant and hope it will be a memorable day for Sheryl!

I don't intend to post this recipe here but if you would like to try out,  you can refer to Do what I like site.  Cheer!!

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