Sunday, August 21, 2011

Green Tea Red Bean Swiss Roll

  I'm a very lazy baker.  I had been wanting to make the green tea red bean swiss rolls or layer cake for some time but each time, I thought about the cooking time for the red bean, it just put me off. 

Last trip in Sydney, I bought two cans of Japanese red bean from the supermart there.  I don't know how much if I have to get this in Singapore since it's not easily available in most of the supermarts here.  It's pretty expensive in Sydney, it cost more than A$4 each.   Anyway, since this was one of my to-bake recipe, price wasn't a consideration factor to me, therefore,  I just grasped ...

Since Keiko Ishida's recipe is highly recommended by many of the bloggers online, that pushed me to give it a shot.   Without disappointment, the sponge cake was great.  It's light and soft. The combination of green tea and red bean blended well.  The only hiccup was I spread double amount of the whipped cream over and caused the sponge cake difficult to roll up.     Please refer to this link for recipe if you are interested in.   Cheer!  Enjoy Baking!!!

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