Saturday, August 20, 2011

Coffee Peanut Swiss Roll

I just realized that I had abandoned my blog for more than two weeks.  Somehow, after the trip back from Sydney, I was so worn out and became lazier.  I look forward to weekend but it seems every weekend just dashes like a bullet.  I wish I could hold onto the weekend and not to let go ... Hope such foolish dream will come true!

Can't remember when I baked this swiss roll. It must be in one of the weekend as nowadays, it's hard to find the energy and time during the weekday evening... despite the July Aspiring Baker theme was over, I continued to bake swiss roll as my daughter had a crave for the Polar Coffee Peanut Swiss Roll.   I couldn't find any similar recipe online, therefore, used the sponge cake recipe from Chocolate Cheese Swiss Roll and spread with butter cream.

I think I had spread too much of butter cream over.  It became too buttery and greasy.  Sigh! Such a waste!

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