Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cupcake

For the upcoming teacher's day celebration, beside the cream cheese cupcake, initially, I had the intention to bake this chocolate chip cupcake for the student and therefore, here is my experiment .. However, with the storage space constraint with my fridge, I have to scrape this idea. 

Given that most kids are the fan of chocolate, any cake with chocolate favor will please them.  I was toggling between the chocolate chiffon cake and this new recipe, and finally picked this as I think chiffon cake will shrink a lot in cupcake form when it cools down given that it's too soft.  However, this cake shrank when it cooled down as well and it indeed affected its appearance.

I adopted this recipe from " 美味糕點新主張 ", I supposed to frost the cake with a layer of chocolate ganache but since it didn't turn up as "presentable" as I expected, I was quite disappointed and decided to give it a miss.   Without the ganache, the cake was quite plain.  For the seek of nice photo , I frosted it with ready made pink butter cream which was bought during my last Sydney trip.  Personally, I find the ready made butter cream tastes horrible as it's too sweet.  For consumption purpose, I will never use this.

I believe if I'll have to frost the chocolate ganache, this cupcake should be quite decent and I believe the kids will like it.   I'll post the recipe when I've time.

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