Friday, July 1, 2011

Japanese Cotton Sponge Cake

I had been wanting to start a regular exercise regime to keep a healthy lifestyle but it's so hard for me to achieve.  I always come up a lot of excuses, e.g. "too tired", "too busy", etc last minute...  

Few weeks ago, with the influence of my sis-in-law, my hubby and I joined a Qigong exercise group, my aim was to do it at least 3 times a week but end up, I only managed to achieve on every Sunday morning.  I blamed on the late night conference calls, as a result, I didn't have good and enough sleep and therefore, not be able to wake up early as the exercise starts at 6am ..blah..blah..blah..   My sis-in-law exercises 2 hours every morning from 5:30am for a consecutive 6 days a week.  Isn't my excuse very lousy?? Today, My hubby and I take leave, although we didn't make it for the Qigong exercise, we went for a slow walk at park for almost an hour.  It was a nice stroll.. Hope I could keep it up and  stop all these excuses ...   

Enough for exercise regime.  Let get back to baking.    I was craving for this Japanese Cotton Sponge Cake  as I remembered  it was so tasty and yet an easy cake.  Therefore, I decided to bake this again.  This time round, I used a low fat evaporated milk, somehow, it didn't turn out as tasty as I expected.   I think I should stick with full cream milk, forget about the calorie else, I will be getting all these disappointments :(    

Interested?  Recipe here.

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