Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

With the General Election campaign is on its way, we could see a lot of debates and rebuts heating up and this is so far the hottest battles I've ever seen.  I used to be political apathetic in the past but now, with all the social media, I have a more balance view on political topics and am more aware of the social  issues that exist today.  This will be a "watershed election" both for ruling party and the opposition and my area is one of the hottest area in this coming election. I'll be really  excited and look forward to its outcome. 

Mother's day is just a day right after the polling day, I really hope that the polling result will not spoil this spirit.  My family normally celebrates mother's day one week ahead to avoid the rush and crowd.  Therefore, we had this celebration last Sat.  Again, I baked a durian cake for my mum since this is her favorite.

If you are thinking of baking a durian cake to give your mum a surprise, trust me,  this recipe is definitely a good choice.   

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