Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Mother's Day (II) - An overdue post

Mother's day has passed more than a week yet I am still in a catch up mode of trying to get this post up.  The Singapore General election happening followed by the the overwhelming work schedule last week indeed hit me badly, I totally had no time for anything else. 

I decided to take a day off today given that tomorrow is a public holiday, I really need a longer break, a super long weekend!!  I wanted to fully break away from work for a few days but I doubt I could as I know myself well ... I definitely will end up reading emails and reply discretely but one thing for sure, I have the "valid reason" not to attend all the calls during this break! 

Last weekend was the Mother's Day, together with my hubby's siblings, we did a very simple Mother's day and birthday celebration for my mum-in-law this year. Each of us just brought a few dishes and gathered together at my in-law's place.  I asked my maid to prepare a pot of trotter meehoon, my hubby to buy one braised duck and a dish of sweet and sour pork. Knowing that my brother-in-law would be buying durian, I decided to bake a yam layered cream cake thinking that it's one of the all-time-favorites for the older folks.   

 Although the dinner was simple, hope my in-laws enjoyed!

My younger daughter wrote a poem for me, I was so touched and almost shed my tear! I am so glad that she has grown up and become very sensible and appreciative ... I'm indeed a Happy Mother!

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