Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yam Layer Cheesecake

 Are you craving for certain types of cake that are not easily available in the cake shops?  If yes, pick up some simple baking skill and that will help you to fulfill some of your desire.    

Layer cake is not difficult to make, it's only cumbersome because of many steps.  This is the reason that put me off many times.  And if I intend to make, I normally will split the process into two days, one day for sponge cake baking, another day for fronting/ icing. 

My daughter had been telling me how delicious the yam cheesecake she tasted.  Yam and cream with coconut milk are perfect combination as it tastes like Orh Nee,  however, I couldn't image how yam and creamcheese could blend well, the taste should be quite odd, right?  Since my daughter likes it, I decided to give it a try.

As I couldn't find a good recipe online, I modified a recipe from Chef Alan Kok of his  "The ultimate Indulgence Cheesecake" cookbook, surprisingly, it did turn out pretty good!  Both my hubby and my elder daughter loved it so much but personally, I still prefer the Yam with cream and coconut milk version. 

I will be submitting this to Aspiring Bakers #6: Say Cheese! (April 2011) hosted by Jean from Noms I Must

Recipe here for sharing!  Enjoy!

Yam Layer Cheesecake  Recipe
- Prepare one 7” square sponge Cake cut into 3 layers.  Click here for recipe.

Ingredients for Filling:

- 250g Creamcheese
- 80g Caster sugar

- 40g fresh milk
-  350g Yam puree (steam and mashed into puree)
-  1 tsp yam paste
-  1 tbsp gelatine + 3 tbsp water  
- 200g whipping cream + 15g caster sugar
-  100g top whipping cream (whipped)


1. Beat cream cheese and sugar till smooth (about 3 mins). 

2. Add in yam puree and fresh milk, mix well at low speed.  Put aside.
3. Mix gelatine with water and double boil till dissolved.  Put aside.
4. In another mixing bowl, whisk whipping cream with sugar till slightly stiff (about 1.5 to 2 mins), add into yam cheese mixture (in step 2) and mix well. 
5.  Pour gelatine solution (in step 3) into and stir till combine (don't over mix).  
6. Place 1 layer of sponge cake onto a loose form tin. Divide yam cheese mixture into 4 portion and spread one portion to 1st layer and evenly distributed. 
7. Cover with the 2nd layer of sponge cake and spread another portion of yam mixture. Repeat the same for the top layer and cover the remaining at all sides. Freeze for 30 mins to a hour before piping.

8. In a  mixing bowl, whip top whipping cream till stiff and pipe pattern and decor as desired. 9. Chill in fridge for min. 3 hours before serving.

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