Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oreo Layer Cheesecake

I didn't intend to celebrate my younger daughter's birthday last weekend since it was still early.  However, my elder couldn't come back this week despite the public holiday on Friday as she needs to put all her focus on her Uni exam.  In order to accommodate her and leave her to concentrate her study fullest, we had brought forward the birthday celebration to last Sunday, April 17. 

This change came in such a sudden, fortunately, I still had a 4" sponge cake sitting in the fridge with no plan.  Since we didn't intent to extend the birthday celebration to extended family and friends, the 4" cake was just perfect to fit in. With my younger's request of  an Oreo cheesecake for her birthday, I decided to make a simple Oreo Layer Cheesecake which only to fill the sponge cake with a layer of crushed Oreo cheese mixture.   With no interesting recipe I could find online, I adopted my previous Creamcheese Layered Cake recipe with some modification. 

It only took me an hour to prepare the filling and frost the cake.  Quick job! I was amazed by my efficient work!  I was quite satisfied this round  as I could see the cake was pretty well decorated and piped.. Although it wasn't perfect, at least, it has proven some improvement made..
My younger was given the honor to choose the food she wanted for her birthday celebration.  As we know,  Chilli Crab is her favorite dish, therefore, we brought her to Jumpo Seafood.  After the delicious dinner, we presented this little birthday cake to her and sang her a birthday song.   Although nothing fanciful, we really hope she enjoyed everything we prepared for her!

Was the cake nice?  Overall, it was quite well received by my family and my maid, however,  not to my expectation.  I think something is lacking but couldn't described exactly what's missing.  Hope I can further improvise this recipe in next attempt.

Oreo Layer Cheesecake Recipe
- Prepare one 4” round cake cut into 3 layers. 

Ingredients for Filling:
- 125g Creamcheese
- 35g butter
- 1/2 tsp lemon juice
-  2-3 tsp condensed milk
-  80g Oreo cookies (finely crushed)

1. Beat cream cheese and butter till smooth (about 2 mins). 
2. Add in lemon juice and condensed milk.  Mix well.
3. Add in finely crushed Oreo and mix well.  Put aside.
4. Divide Oreo cheese mixture from step 3 into 3.5 portion,  and spread one portion of Oreo cheese mixture onto the bottom layer and evenly distributed. 
5. Cover with 2nd layer of sponge cake and spread another portion of Oreo cheese mixture. Repeat the same for 3rd layer and spread remaining Oreo cheesecake for whole cake.  Freeze for 30 mins to a hour before decor.

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