Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chocolate Layer Cheesecake

With the China having the Tomb-Sweeping public holiday on Monday and Tuesday this week,  I was glad that I had a lighter schedule during 1st half of the week as most of the calls had been pushed out or cancelled :)  However, after they return to work, again I'm back to busy schedule. :(

I've been long wanting to bake a black forest cake, however, given that it's not a simple cake and takes time,  that always put me off last minute and therefore, sad to say that till now, I have not made it.    Since I felt like making layer cake and there were still a few blocks of cream cheese soon to expire,  I picked up a simple Non-Bake Chocolate Cheesecake recipe from Ancoo's blog,  thinking that I already had the sponge cakes on hand, the cream whipping and assembling parts should not take up an hour but I was wrong, it actually took me a much longer time than expected.   :(     

In fact, I was juggling between calls and cake making  that night and not very patient for it.  The worst thing happened was I mistook one of the call schedule and almost missed it.  Luckily, I suddenly "wake up" last minute and managed to attend the call in time.  Poor cake!  I had to leave it at whatever stage till my call finished.  I mobilized my maid for help and to keep all the "work-in-progress" in the fridge first. I was keeping my fingers crossed,  praying hard that the cream would still be in "good condition" after my call.   Finally my call ended and thank god .. my day wasn't too bad, I was able to get this thru' smoothly that night ..

I didn't follow Ancoo's recipe strictly as my chocolate paste had expired and I had to throw it away.  May be because of the omission of this ingredient, the cake didn't really stand out, it's quite light in taste but luckily, the sponge cake was soft and fluffy.  I wasn't very satisfied with it as I expected a more chocolaty and cheesy flavor. However,  my hubby somehow liked it.  I was quite regretted of the decision made as the amount of time and effort spent, I could have make a black forest cake... haiz!

Anyway, here is the version of my recipe (adopted from Ancoo with slight modification)

- Prepared a piece of 8" round chocolate sponge cake or Two 6" round. Cut into 3 layers.

Cheese Ingredients:

  • 250g Cheese cream
  • 2tbsp Icing sugar
  • 3tbsp Condensed milk
  • 35g Cocoa powder with some water
  • 5 tsp Gelatine powder with 1 tbsp of water
  • 1tsp kahlua (coffee liqueur)
  • 400g Fresh cream-whipped to peak form with 1 tbsp of caster sugar


  • Premix water and gelatin powder, double boil till gelatine melted.  Keep warm.
  • Mix cocoa powder with some hot water.
  • Whip up fresh cream with 1 tbsp of caster sugar till peak form and put in fridge for later use.
  • Beat cheese cream, icing sugar and condensed milk together till thick. Add in kahlua and chocolate paste,mix well.
  • Continue to beat at low speed, follow by the cocoa powder and gelatine.
  • Lastly fold in the whipped cream with a hand whisk.
  • Place a slice of sponge cake at the bottom of a loose pan. Pour 1/3  of cheese cream mixtures on top and place the 2nd slice of sponge cake and pour another 1/3 of cheese cream over.  Repeat the same till finish.
  • Let the chocolate cheese cake to chill in fridge till set (at least 4 hours or overnight).
  • Remove cake ring and pour the chocolate ganache (refer to following for method) over the cake and decor as desired. 

Choclate Ganache:   
Method:  Bring whipping cream to boil and then stir in chocolate.  Stir till chocolate melted.  Let it set a bit before spreading/ pouring over the cheesecake.
  • 120 couverture chocolate 
  • 120 whipping cream

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