Friday, April 15, 2011

Chocolate Banana Cupcakes

TGIF.. Thank God it's Friday!!!  It has been a long wait since Monday ... and Hooray!!  Finally ... I can't wait to this week end!  In fact, there is no special event or occasion, I just need a mental break!!

I wanted to bake another batch of Chocolate-Bottom Banana Square for my elder daughter since she hadn't had a chance to try it.  Instead of baking into a cake form, I decided into cupcakes since it's more convenience for the kids to handle if they want to bring to share with their friends and/or classmates.    I regretted the decision made as  I realized that it's much nicer to eat as square form than cupcake.  Another mistake I made was over swirled the plain and chocolate batters together.  With the distinct layer of the chocolate and plain, it is richer and tastier.  Somehow, when two flavors mixed together, it doesn't stand out.

Despite my disappointment, both my daughters and their classmates enjoyed it :)  Phew!

Interested to try out?  Click here

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