Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Black Forest Cake

Some of my colleagues indicated I should seriously consider going into the cakes and pastry business as they like the baking photos that I posted on FB.  Those who tasted my creation, they enjoyed it as well.   I felt so flattered as I think those photos sometimes can be misleading, it may be appeared very tempting and delicious but to be able to stand out from the popular bakery brands in the market, it's still far-fetched.

I believe I am a determined person, if I want to do it, I will put in a lot of effort and focus on it.  Therefore, if I really want to change line, first thing in my mind is to pursue a qualified certification/paper.  If possible, I will like to take up some courses oversea.  Investment in certification is inevitable, this way will help to accelerate the desired skill and knowledge within shorter window  but certainly,  a need to weigh the cost factor is required as it should be within your financial ability.  Life is full of uncertainty and thing can change dynamically, may be one day, if I am very upset with my current career or I can no longer able to take anymore work stress, that may push me for a  career change and therefore pick up baking .. who knows! 

I think I've enough of baking career thoughts.  Let's get back to my bake.   I have finally baked a black forest cake this time, this is one of my to-bake items since I started baking.  Black forest cake supposed to be the all-time favourite and was one of the old fasion and popular cake during my childhood time.  However,  these days, there are too many varieties/ choices and flavors of the cakes available in the market for consumers, black forest has either become something very ordinary or  been modified to become so sophisticated that is totaly lacking of its authenticity.

I don't think this recipe is very authentic as the layers in between is chocolate cream plus no sprinkle of cherry syrup.  I choose this because my daughter doesn't like the sourness of the cherry syrup and it's more to kid's liking.  One thing for sure, I need to beef up my icing skill as somehow, I wasn't able to pipe a rosette properly.  I definitely need to take a course but it's sad that it's hard for me to find any time that could fit into my schedule these days.  Guess I will have to learn thru' elearning from the  demo clip posted in Youtube and practise more often.

Verdict? I was very pleased with this recipe, the sponge cake was soft and fluffy, with the smooth chocolate cream, the mildly sour of cherry and a hint of rum, it makes this a wonderful dessert. Although it spent me a few hours last Sunday to ice and assemble the cake together, I think the time and hassle are worthwhile as my family like it so much!

Here you go.. Black Forest Cake recipe!
-  One 8" round chocolate sponge cake or Two 6" round, cut into 3 layers.
-  400-450g fresh cream
- 250g  dark sweet pitted cherries (1 can)
- 150-200g chocolate shaving
- 2 1/2 tsp rum
Chocolate Cream
-  130g dark chocolate (56%)
-  70g milk

  1. To make chocolate cream:  bring milk to boil and add in dark chocolate.  Stir till chocolate melt.  Remove from fire.  Set aside.
  2.  Whisk the fresh cream till stiff and add 220g of the whipped cream and 2 tsp rum to the chocolate cream.  Mix well.
  3. Spread a think layer of chocolate cream onto one cake layer, scatter the pitted cherries over it and cover with another layer of chocolate cream.  Continue layering the cake and repeating the same step until the 3rd layer of the cake is placed.  
  4. Add 1/2 tsp rum to the remaining fresh cream, mix well.
  5. Cover the the whole cake with fresh cream, line the slides of the cake with chocolate shaving and pipe some rosettes using a star nozzle.  Last decor with fresh cherries or pitted cherries as desired. 

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