Sunday, March 20, 2011

Traditional Butter Cake (Lurpak)

Yes!  I finally made it!  I was so glad with the turnout of this butter cake.  It really makes my day!   
This round, I adopted the recipe from A Daily Obsession with a slight modification.  Because of the last disappointment, for this bake, I was very cautious of baking time and therefore, I left it in the oven till full 55 mins. To prevent excessive charring ,  I covered with a sheet of aluminum foil over during the last 10 mins.  Overall, the cake texture is great, it's soft, moist, not oily and tasty.  However, despite of removing the condense milk, I still find Lurpak butter cake more milky and not as buttery as Golden Churn's.  From my view, I still prefer Golden Churn aroma.  

If you like Lurpak butter, I believe you'll enjoy this cake.   Enjoy baking! 

-     200g chilled Lurpak butter
-     30g caster sugar
-     5 egg yolks
-     2 tbsp (35g) milk 
-     1 tsp vanilla essence
-     1 tsp rum (optional)
-     180g cake flour (sifted)
-     1.5 tsp baking powder (sifted)
-     5 egg white
-     120g caster sugar

Prep: lightly grease the base of Two 3.5*" 7" loaf cake tin and line bottom with baking paper. Oven at 165*C.

1. In a bowl, beat butter and sugar by machine until light and fluffy (3-4 mins).
2. Add the yolks one by one, beat well after each addition (don't overbeat)and then add the milk, vanilla essence and rum.
3. Fold sifted flour and baking powder into 2 to 3 batches and mix even.  Put aside.
4. Whisk egg whites, and then add in sugar into 2 to 3 times and beat till 70% stiff.
5. Use a big spatula, take 1/3 of the whites and gentle fold into the batter (from step 3), continue the remaining till well blended.  Don't over-do it or else, the whites will deflate.
6. Pour batter into prepared cake tin and bake at 165*C for 55-60 minutes until wooden skewer plunged into middle of cake comes out clean.   (if the top is over charred, cover with a foil)

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