Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Traditional Butter Cake

This is the first time I used Lurpak butter for cake baking.  Normally, I will use Golden Churn brand because I like its buttery fragrant.   One of my colleague raved about cake being made by Lurpak butter many times and recommend me to try out.   This excited me and during one of the weekend, I went ahead to buy 3 blocks of Lurpak butter because it was on an offer. 

However, after buying, my mood changed and no longer excited to bake butter cake anymore.  Probably it was due to Chinese New Year festival plus travel and demanding workload.  The butters ended up landed in the fridge for more than 2 months.   Today, I finally convinced myself to use this Lurpak butter for cake baking.  I used the same recipe I baked previously and really eager to know whether it tastes better than Golden Churn's.  

It wasn't my day, the cake was underbake, I could see the wet bottom.  Sigh ...I was so disappointing!  Lurpak butter supposed to has a delicate subtle lactic taste but somehow, this recipe doesn't work well with it.    From my perspective, this cake is too milky, probably, this recipe itself contains too much condense milk.  I am not convinced it can loose out to Golden Churn's.  I will definitely give this butter another shot and next week I bake, I will adopt the recipe from A Daily Obsession. 

Stay tuned!

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