Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easy Nutella Butter Cake

I couldn't believe this simple and easy cake can be so good!  What you need to do is to dump all the ingredients into a mixing bowl, whisk them together, drop in some Nutella and then put it into the oven.  How amazing! Isn't it?  

The first time I came across this recipe from one of my cookbooks, it didn't entice me at all because  I wasn't convinced such recipe can produce such a delicious cake.   The method appeared so brainless to me, anyone without any baking skill can definitely do it and therefore,  I thought the turn out would be just ordinary. 

Until lately, I happened to see it again from Hearty Bake's blog.  I decided to give it a try after reading her post.  I realized that the cake after overnight tastes so much better than just out from oven.  It's soft and buttery but not oily.  It's definitely a great item to serve as breakfast.

Want something quick and fast for tomorrow breakfast?  Here you go ..an easy and fast Nutella Butter Cake recipe adopted from Hearty Bake with slight modification.  Cheer! 

-  Prepare one 6" round and one 7" round tin or one 9" round tin.  Base greased and lined with baking paper.
- Preheat oven at 175*C for min. 15 mins. 

Ingredients (A):
-  230g butter 
-  185g soft brown sugar 
-  4 eggs (lightly beaten) 
-  300g cake flour (sifted)
-  3 tsp baking powder (sifted) 
-  5tbsp milk
- 1 tsp rum 

Other Ingredients: 
- 6-8 tbsp or more Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread 
- 50g walnuts (chopped coarsely)

  • Put all the ingredients in (A) into a mixing bowl and beat until light and fluffy(I beat the butter and sugar for 5 mins before adding the remaining ingredients as the butter was still hard when I used it)The whole process is about 12-15 mins.
  • Pour 2/3 portion of the batter into the baking tin/s and spread evenly to level. 
  • Spoon the Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread in 6-8 blobs
  • Top with the remaining 1/3 portion of batter, swirl a few times with a skewer, smooth the top. 
  •  Sprinkle coarsely chopped walnuts on top of batter and bake in a preheated oven at 175*C for about 55-60 mins or until cooked and golden brown.   Do remember to cover a piece of aluminum foil at last 15 mins to prevent the top from charring. 
  •   Remove and leave to cool before cutting into slices to serve.

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