Saturday, March 5, 2011

Double Tree by Hilton Bejing

I had been back from Beijing trip for a week but continued to feel tired and lazy ... In fact, this trip wasn't as hectic as other previous trips because I stayed in the same hotel as the meeting place, I didn't need to spend time on the road.   This is very important as Beijing traffic  is such a hassle, I really don't enjoy commute within Beijing  :( 

Bejing was still cold when I stepped in last week.  The temperature ranged between 0*C to 5*C.  I booked into Double Tree by Hilton because the meeting being held there.  It was my first attempt staying there although overall experience cannot compete with JW Marriott, I have no complaint. 

What impressed me about Double Tree by Hilton is their customer service and cookies.  Each customer will be presented a warm chocolate chip cookie when they book into their room.  The cookie is really crunchy and delicious... Hmm.. it's really Yummy!

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