Friday, February 18, 2011

The Chinese New Year Festival

Although there was a lot of happening lately, I wasn't eager to post anything on blog.  Is my interest in blogging has come down significantly?  Yes, it does. I guess life was more eventful than before, not just blogging and baking (beside working).  In order not to abandon my blog for too long, I think I should post something this week else I can only do it after the return from a business trip.

Without baking, what actually I did during Chinese New Year period?   Thinking back, I did a lot more Lou Hei as compare to last year.  Definitely, I have overindulged (very sinful).   Although I didn't  capture all the people and moment,  those time together were certainly fun and the moments will be cherished.  Catch a glimpse of the joyous faces and moments here ..

Lou Hei with Extended Family ...

Lou Hei with with my hubby's colleagues ...

Cheer for the Chingay 2011

Loi Hei with My Present and Ex-Colleagues ..

Simple Valentine lunch with Hubby.  Was so touched of the surprise gift from my daughter ..

 Get-together Dinner with Family

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