Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cheesecake Sticks

For those who celeberate CNY festival, I believe you were busy with visiting and eating in past few days, that happens to me as well, too much sinful good food and cookies, and now, it's time to put some control on diet so as to shed off the extra "spare tyre".   However, given that CNY is going to last till 15th day, this becomes quite challenging as there are still some more meals lining up...that's why it's always easy to say than action :(

Glad that all the old friends and relatives that I met during the CNY period were all fine and well.  Although time flies and we age, most of them didn't change much, except some put on a bit of weight.  That's good as it means that we are more conscious about outlook and  try to keep fit and look good.  

Beside the cookies, I baked this cheesecake stick for the guest who visited my mum-in-law, it's was my first attempt trying this recipe and I was quite worried if it didn't turn out good.  This is quite light, therefore, it's good to serve after meal or as a dessert for friend gathering.  Although it did please the guest, it didn't make to my mark  as I expected it to be more solid and richer, this was way too light. 

If you are keen on trying this out, here you go... 

Cheesecake Stick recipe
(recipe  from 美味糕點新主張)

Ingredient A:
-          200g Digestive Biscuits (crushed)
-          100g butter

Ingredient B:
-          500g cream cheese (room temperature)
-          100g caster sugar
-          160g egg (beaten)
-          180g sour cream
-          80g (dairy) Whipping cream

Ingredient C:
-          1 tsp chocolate powder (sift)
-          1 tsp hot water

-          Prepare one 35cm*25cm low baking tray, base lined with baking paper
-          Crush digestive biscuits

  1. Microwave butter for 25 sec till melt and mix with biscuits crumbs.  Mix well.  Press the biscuits onto the baking tray and chill in fridge for later usage.
  2. Remove cream cheese from fridge and leave it outside for 30 mins,  add in sugar and stir under double boiler till smooth.
  3. Stir in beaten egg bit by bit, add in sour cream and whipping cream.  Mix till smooth and well combined.  Set aside
  4. Add hot water to cocoa powder and mix till dissolved.  Take 1 tsp of cream cheese mixture from step 3 and mix together.  Fill into a piping bag.  Set aside.
  5. Remove biscuit base from fridge and and pour cream cheese mixture over and spread evenly. 
  6. Cut a small hole on the piping bag, and draw with lines.  Use chopstick to draw irregular pattern to create marble effect.
  7. Use chopstick to draw irregular pattern to create a marble effect
  8. Water bath at 170*C for 20 mins and then lower to 140*C for another 20-25 mins or until centre is almost set. 
  9. Remove cake from oven, leave it outside till cook and then chill in the fridge for 3 hours before unmould and and cutting into stripe.

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