Monday, January 31, 2011

CNY Cookies (II)

This Cashew Nut Cookie is an old recipe I baked last year.   As this is crunchy and very tasty, it's one of my favorite cookies.  One of my colleague  after tasted, she likes it so much and since then, she will definitely bake during Chinese New Year.   Since this year, my schedule was tight, I had to limit this cookie to one recipe.  Overall, the recipe only yield two tins , one of them I gave to my mum-in-law, the other to my mum.  In fact, I left nothing at home.

I followed my previous recipe exactly but for the baking time, this time round, I baked a bit longer (18-20 mins) since I prefer something more crunchy.   If you are interested in, pls click here for the recipe.

Initially, I didn't intent to bake another batch of Almond Cookies since after dinner,  I only had two hours in between before the next call.  Two hour was just nice for me to bake one recipe of the Cashew Nut Cookies.  There seemed to have a lot of calls rescheduled lately at last minute and given that the call had been rescheduled,  I decided to continue baking and therefore, baked another batch of Almond Cookies.    I was quite pleased with the turn out as the melt in the mouth effect for this batch was greater.  I gave the cookie to my neighbor as a return of her love letter.

Tempted to bake this Almond Cookies?  Clink this link for recipe.


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