Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chocolate Chiffon Cupcakes

My younger daughter was complaining to me about the problem she faced with her school recess  as she didn't have enough time for her breakfast and lunch because of long queue always .  Since promoting to higher secondary, she spends longer hour in school and therefore, it becomes a concern if she can't settle her meals in school .   I don't want her to starve herself every time because of long queue and therefore, I decided to bake some something for her so that she can bring to school as a snack.  

I wanted something healthier, not too buttery and rich, therefore, I referenced to a recipe from a Taiwanese cookbook with couple of modifications since I didn't have all the ingredients plus I got used to my own method.   The original recipe calls for a Chocolate Chiffon Cake but I baked into several cupcakes since it's more convenience to bring to school.  

I prefer Taiwanese and Japanese recipes than the Western's as the formal is lighter and less sugar.   The disadvantage is it's printed in Chinese and therefore,  I will have to do the translation and organize it before I can follow.  This cookbook promotes no chemical ingredients and therefore, there is no baking powder in this recipe. 

This indeed an excellent recipe, I was very satisfied as the cupcake turned out so yummy, i.e. cotton soft and moist!  My family members gave me a thumps up!  Trust you will like it.

Chocolate Chiffon Cupcakes  
(modified from 美味糕點新主張)
-          Preheat oven at 170*C for 15 mins.  
-          Prepare 12 cupcake cases.

-          95g fresh milk
-          40g cooking oil
-          25g cocoa powder   }sift
-          100g egg yolk (5 big egg yolks)
-          2 tsp vanilla essence
-          100g cake or top flour     } sift   ** use cake flour for cupcake**
-          240g egg white (6 big egg whites)
-          140g caster sugar
      -          80g semi-sweet chocolate chip (amount just right)
      -          some desiccated coconut (optional) 

1. Microwave milk and cooking oil for 20-25 sec or double boil till slight boiling.
2. Stir in cocoa powder and egg yolk and mix till even.
3. Add in vanilla essence and flour and mix till incorporated. Set aside.
4. Whisk egg white and sugar till soft peak. Fold in 1/5 white into the chocolate mixture from step 3 to dilute  the mixture (less thicken).
5. Fold remaining of whites into 3 times gently and finally mix in chocolate chip.
6. Fill the batter into cupcake case till max. 70% and
sprinkle with some desiccated coconuts (optional). Bake at 170*C for 10 mins and then turn down to 150*C for another 35 mins.

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