Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cheese Brownies

The original of this recipe is just a very simple and basic brownie.  Since I wanted something with additional flavor to enhance its look and taste,  I decided to add an additional layer of creamcheese on it.  I reckoned that many of the cheese brownie recipe online called for the similar ingredients and steps and therefore, I named this as Cheese Brownies.
The basic brownie was supposed to taste very yummy, it should be very moist (not dry at all) and fudgy and I recalled the last time I baked (more than 1.5 years ago), both mine and my hubby's colleagues liked it.  Somehow, the additional layer of creamcheese didn't achieve the result I was expecting. It's such a disappointment!  I believe I could have overbaked and reduced too much (> 20%) of the sugar for this batch as it's quite dry and not as tasty.  Sigh! It's such a waste :(

Since the creamcheese layer was somewhat superfluous to the overall taste of the cheese brownies,  I think it's pointless to share.  Below is the original/ basic brownie recipe I think it's worth trying.  Cheer!

Basic/ Plain Brownie
-    Preheat oven at  200*C for 15 mins..
-    Baking tray : 12” x 7” (use lighter tray to minimize absorption of heat).
-    Line base with foil (cover till the both the 12” slides, leave the 7” uncovered).  Grease on foil.    

-    140g butter
-    140g unsweetened dark chocolate
-    225g demerera Sugar (reduce 10% if you want to coat a layer of chocolate frosting/ganache)
-    ½ cup (120ml) corn syrup
-    2 tsp vanilla essence  and 2 tbsp rum
-    4 whole eggs (60g each)
-    110g plain flour  +  1 tsp baking power     } sifted

1.    Heat up a heavy saucepan till hot. Off fire,  add butter and swirl till saucepan is coated with butter.
2.    Add dark chocolate and stir over low fire.  Remove from fire once in a while to ensure chocolate is not burnt.  Once the chocolate is melted, off fire.
3.    Add sugar and stir till well incorporated.
4.    Stir in corn syrup and then vanilla essence and rum till well mixed (1 -1.5mins).
5.    Beat in whole eggs, one at a time (1 min each).
6.    Mix in the sifted flour mixture till well incorporated.
7.    Pour into a prepared tray, use spatula to level the batter. Bake in a preheated oven for 20 -25 mins at 200*C top bottom heat.
8.    Test with skewer, if it’s almost clean, it’s considered as baked. 

P.S Make sure that the brownies are completed cooled before cutting them.  Else, the edge will not be straight and clean cut.  Look at my bake. It's so ugly!

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