Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Korea Autumn Trip (Part II)

This is the 2nd part of my Korea Itinerary.   You will see a lot of pictures of the autumn foliage here.  It's so lovely and magnificent!   I am glad I have seen what I wanted in this trip.

Mt. Sorak national park has been regarded as one of the most beautiful national park in Korea with its granite peak, lush green valleys and dense forest.  I was disappointed on my previous trip in 2002 during the summer season.  I wasn't convinced with its name because it wasn't colourful and there was nothing attractive the last time but after this trip, I totally concurred.  Its amazing natural scenery and colourful leaves have given me a lot of fond memories ...

Nami Island is another marvelous place to visit.  To reach there, we had to take a 20 mins ferry ride, the journey was very relaxing and pleasing. This is another place we could see a lot of vivid and colorful autumn foliage.  Beside the rows of tall and slender trees, there were many Winter Sonata posters and photos around.  Although I am not the fan of this drama, I'm amazed of it's popularity.  It's such a scenic and charming place that you shouldn't be missed! 

Lotte World is the world's largest indoor theme park and entertainment centre.  Given that my family is not a fan of amusement parks, we would prefer an outdoor activity rather than rides.  We were only given a Big-3 ticket which allowed for 3 games. One of the ticket was used for a train ride to tour around the place, another one was used for a less adventure ride which recommended by the tour guide.  We didn't use up the last ticket as we rather spent our time taking some photos and hang around...

Other than theme parks and sight-seeing, we also participated in a couple of the activities in Seoul organized by the tour agency.  We experienced some hands-on sessions of ice craving and Kimchi making.  My hubby and daughter experienced their 1st DIY facial and all of us got a chance to try on the traditional hanboks and took some memorable pictures. That's fun!

Myeongdong is Korea's trendiest shopping area, it's noted for its food and entrainment.  Cross the road, it's another shopping area - Namaemum Market which is one of the Korea's oldest continually running markets and largest retail market offering shoppers a wide variety of goods at low price.  We weren't given much time to shop there as the schedule was very tight that day.  We did some window shopping, settled our dinner with famous Korean Ginseng Chicken and left the place  at around 7pm for the "Jump Martial Arts" performance show.

Food in Korea.  We got a chance to try many varieties of Korean food during this trip, i.e. Abalone Porridge, Mushroom Steamboat, Hanjeongsik, Pork Ribs BBQ, Ginseng Chicken Soup, Hotplate Chicken, Bibimbap+BBQ, Seafood Steamboat, Korean BBQ, Korean Bak Kut Te, etc.  And not to be forgotten,  the Kimchi that was served at every meal we had and I loved  it.

We upgraded one of our meal at our own expense to try out the Korean Sashimi.  In fact, I wasn't very keen into it but didn't want to regret if it was good.  When the waitress took out the live octopus, many of us screamed as it was so horrible and cruel to eat something that was still moving .  Oh no.. don't give me! My daughter almost cried when she saw my hubby eating it.  Oh gosh!
Time always flies so much faster than usual when we are having fun!  It's time to bid farewell after 7 days of stay in Korea.  It's regretful that my elder daughter couldn't join us this trip,  I believe she will miss so much of what we experienced.  Nevertheless,  I'll return again in near future but the next time I visit, I will like to try their spring or winter season.

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