Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry X'mas!! 圣诞快乐

 This is the first log cake I baked for this year and most likely will be the last one since tonight is X'mas eve.   After tomorrow, Christmas will be over and next to embrace will be New Year 2011...
I didn't want a traditional log cake as it's normally coated with butter cream, it's too oily and not to my preference.  I chanced upon this recipe from Honey Bee Sweets' blog, I decided to give it a try since it's highly regarded by her.

Overall, I think the chiffon sponge turned out quite well.  The only reservation I have is the cream as using non-dairy whipped cream, it makes the cake sweeter.  I normally prefer to use dairy cream as I can control the sugar level couple with it tastes much nicer.

Of the recipe, I made into two log cakes.  The smaller cake was kept at home for own consumption, I gave the bigger one  to my maid for her to share with her friends during her outing tonight .   I believe her friends will like it.

Let's cheer and all be jolly during the X'mas Eve!

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